The divine Amalfi Coast

An excursion through myth, music, art, nature and sea... You will enjoy the best of the Amalfi Coast, stopping at the most panoramic places, to admire the three gems that have enchanted the whole world.

Length: 8 hours
Positano, Amalfi and Ravello
Vehicles: Luxury Car or Luxury Minivan
Discounts and benefits for groups of 3 or more people

EURO 59,00 p.p.


The myth tells that Positano was founded by Poseidon, to give proof of his Love to the Nymph Pasitea.
The beauty of this land charms everyone, Saracens and pirates included. Victim of several attacks, people was forced to build a network of narrow streets that developed vertically from the peak of "Montepertuso" and three towers, still intact today, used for sighting. This feature joined with the white houses, built employing lime, make Positano an enchanted canvas, home of passionate love and crib of artists from all around the world.
Don't miss: the narrow streets of the historic center, panoramic spots with views of "Li Galli islands"


The town of Amalfi, whose name derives from the Nymph Amalfi, who made Hercules mad for love, has always hosted brilliant man subjugated by the beauty of their land and from the call of the sea; they were the inventors of the compass which allowed them to be the best in the sea trade, becoming the founders of the most important maritime republic.
Don't miss: the Cathedral (church dress code), the Museum of Paper
Tips: pastry ricotta e pera (ricotta cheese and pear)


The tourist activity in Ravello dates back to the fourteenth century, testified for example by Boccaccio with one of his greatest works, which stars a boy named Ravellese.
Its beauty has always been such a recall, to push artists of different nationalities and genre, writers, musicians, painters and actors to move there and built their Villas. The scenery from this promontory is defined a "Terrace over the infinite".
Don't miss: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.

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